You can spend a lot of time on Twitter trying to find the right people to engage with your account. We find the right people for you using smart profiling similar to that used in bank security. This saves you time and boosts your engagement.

Tell us how you do it

We look at network structure and data from sources outside of twitter to verify identity and extend the information we know about a twitter account. Our profiling is incredibly accurate - eg. we can find people by profession and industry area. Then we do what a social media manager would do and like, follow or message. You can specify exactly how this occurs.

What Can I Expect?

Social Media Accounts obey the law of "the strong get stronger" for both engagement, conversions and growth. A typical account will increase slowly at the start (typically 10-20 new followers per day) but it will grow exponentially over the course of weeks. Larger accounts with a stronger content stream can grow much faster. These followers are real and highly relevant.


We provide a subscription service for €39 per month, which can be cancelled at any time. We also offer a 10-day free trial.


We're a team of computer science and math PhDs that have developed ZenLikeFocus over several years and a lot of data crunching. This allows unprecedented precision in who you reach out to. Switch us on and watch your engagement grow.