Twitter Security

Twitter Security occasionally locks your account and requires you to log back in and/or change your password. Whilst you're locked out, we can't unfortunately run ZenLikeFocus. A lockout appears to be caused principally by:

  • Changing countries. If you log in from a different country, this is often a trigger for Twitter security.
  • Using multiple automated services. This can also sometimes trigger a security check.
  • Someone trying to ...
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The Long Introduction to ZenLikeFocus

Our goal is to grow your social media followers as effectively as possible using the combined skill of our maths & computer science analytics team. A lot of the processes that are done by marketing managers on social media can be improved using the right data - which not only saves you time, but also optimises your growth.

Twitter is a great place to start. It has open analytics, and is ...

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The ZenLikeFocus Dashboard

The main thing to understand is the difference between the strategies:

? Follow the followers. Input a competitors accounts, and follow who follows them. This can be good, but there is a danger of following junk accounts.

? Follow the follows, follow all the accounts another acccount follows. Usually a little safer than above!

? Industry or job title search. A much more filtered strategy. 

The "Can we temporarily unfollow your existing follows ...

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Your Twitter Profile is Your Landing Page

Incredible precision and testing is devoted to first page of a website (the landing page). Most companies will statistically test different layouts, different coloured buttons, different text in order to discover the best way to convert visitors into customers. 

Your Twitter profile is just like a landing page, with the objective of getting people to follow you. A person will determine whether to follow your account or not based on ...

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What to Expect

? Your account will start to follow other accounts. Slowly, these accounts will start to follow you back, this will get faster as you follow more and more people. This is the growth phase. 

? After a period of time, perhaps around a week, your account will begin to unfollow accounts, in this unfollowing period, you will still get new followers, but growth will slow. This is the unfollow phase. 

? We reenter ...

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