The Long Introduction to ZenLikeFocus

Our goal is to grow your social media followers as effectively as possible using the combined skill of our maths & computer science analytics team. A lot of the processes that are done by marketing managers on social media can be improved using the right data - which not only saves you time, but also optimises your growth.

Twitter is a great place to start. It has open analytics, and is a place where almost all journalists hang out. However it can be noisy. We can filter with incredible precision if you know who you want. Otherwise, we will use our skills to find your most engaged audience, and will send you comparative analytics on what keywords and types of accounts are engaging with you. This information is invaluable, especially if used with a pinned tweet (see below).

Zen Like Focus filters for the most relevant, engaged accounts and then reaches out by following new accounts daily. We do this at the same volume as a typical marketing manager, but these accounts have undergone a much more comprehensive checking process.

0.1 Starting

  • Sign up on the page. We charge 39 euros per month. You can cancel at any time. We’d recommend a three month trial, if you’re starting from zero,  we’d expect to gather you around 1000 followers in that time. After that, growth starts to pick up.

  • Make sure your account is linked with a mobile number (twitter needs this for verification), we’ll email you and ask you to send through your twitter details.

  • Provide us with a list of accounts whose followers you think might also want to follow you.

The list of accounts can be your competition, your friends, corporate or media.

If you send in a spread (we will take up to 20), our algorithm will test them all, and focus on the ones that give the best return. If you want, we’ll regularly send you the test data for each each account, which gives useful feedback that can guide you in your other marketing efforts (eg. finding the right keywords to target using SEO).

We recommend using ZenLikeFocus with a *pinned tweet* (just google it). A typical user checks out a twitter profile, and checks out the first few tweets, and then decides whether to follow back or not. If your top tweet is consistent, you’ll get a more accounts of similar interest. This more focused following improves the follow back rate as ZenLikeFocus learns who best responds to your account and area of interest.

1.0 How Zen Like Focus Works

ZenLikeFocus uses a learning algorithm that will try different strategies and follow the best one. ZenLikeFocus can target people in a number of ways:

  • By Industry Area and profession - eg. “follow all the HR managers in Finance on twitter”

  • Followers of competitor accounts.

  • Followers of friends accounts

  • ZenLikeFocus can implement a “skyscraper strategy” against a specific piece of competitor content.  This is where one targets a popular existing shared article, make your own article that is better, and then reach out to those who shared the original article  (more on that in the signup pack).

1.1 Capturing social media traffic

There is debate on how just how Google uses ‘social signals’ (eg. twitter shares) for SEO. However social is the real time pulse of new web information, and a crucial barometer on what is current. Twitter search itself is around 18 billion searches per month, putting it as the worlds number two search engine.


The growth of your social media profile is exponential - the strong get stronger, and the weak have to work very hard until they get to a place where the algorithms of the internet suggest them to strangers as someone worth following. This translates as a lot of tedious work until you break through into a place where your account is both heard and respected. If you can capture enough followers in a particular niche, then engagement and conversions on your site will be significantly higher. ZenLikeFocus does a lot of the tedious initial work of reaching out which frees your time.

1.2 How do you do it?

We pull in lead information from twitter and other sources for people in your market area. We reach out (by following, we don’t send tweets) to people who will be both interested and responsive in what you have to offer. When they respond, you can either engage them in a human conversation, or simply direct them to your content.  When you only have a few followers, typically 1 in 10 will follow you back. This improves as you grow.

1.3 What can I expect?

A typical followback rate is around 10%. Niche areas are often slightly less, but have a compensating higher conversion rate. Accounts typically start off growing at around 10 followers a day, but then pick up. It varies depending on the content in your tweet stream, and how interesting your first few tweets (and pinned tweet) account are to others, but running ZenLikeFocus always accelerates growth.

1.4 Do I still have to write content?

Yes. Posting content amongst your new following is still the fuel that sparks engagement. However, ZenLikeFocus  means you will have a much larger following to engage with. More people will see your content, but it still has to be relevant.

1.5 Can ZenLikeFocus work with new accounts?

Social media accounts obey the law of “the strong get stronger”, when you reach critical mass, size and engagement begin to grow on their own. Many twitter accounts get stuck in the doldrums of 1000 followers or less. Beginning accounts are perfect for ZenLikeFocus, we boost you up through the tough period, and find you your audience.

1.6 Can ZenLikeFocus send automatic messages to followers?

Initially, we think it is best to engage in conversation with new followers. Whilst this requires more time, it is a rich mine of information for any business. There are certain situations which an automatic message is appropriate and we can do this.

1.7 Can ZenLikeFocus generate email addresses of followers.

We have some capacity to do this. However it is not yet a standard option.

1.8 Can’t I just buy followers?

Sure, you can buy thousands of followers for twenty quid or less. But they are either not real or not relevant.

1.9 How do you filter for real followers?

We have to keep some secret sauce secret! In short, we use a number of Data Science techniques, pull in data from outside of twitter, as well as simple block lists etc.

1.10 Can you do Instagram or other networks?

Twitter is usually a good place to start, but Instagram is also a very exciting. We’ll have this functionality built shortly.

1.11 So if I signup, what do I get?

  • An instance of the ZenLikeFocus application running on your twitter account, constantly filtering and connecting to accounts.

1.12 How much does it cost?

We start at 39e per month per account. Get in touch for deals on larger bundles.

1.13 Sounds do I sign up?

Sign up here: