Setting The Best Strategies

? The best strategies are when your bio, pictures and pinned tweets are all aligned with exactly who zenlikefocus is following. It is worth remembering that before you change your strategy, it might also be worth testing a different bio, cover pic and pinned tweet, to see if that gets growth. 

? There is huge difference in quite similar terms. Using  the industry, locality and country strategies  is a good way to test how your bio and pinned tweet appeals to that niche group.  

? Should you follow only CEO's? Following CEO's with a commercial account often gets a low followback rate. If you are growing the personal account of a CEO, connecting with other CEO's does much better.

? It's best to leave a strategy to run for two weeks before the data will be accurate enough to tel you how good the strategy is.

? Our experience is that the precise targeting of industry and jobtitle gets lower but better quality growth. You can follow up these leads and start conversations with them. It is worth exploring different terms.

? The "follow the follower" or "follow the follows" strategies, pick up more junk accounts, and grow a little faster. Some people have done really well with these strategies -- to give this option your best shot,  make sure to go into twitter and actually see who the ZenLikeFocus tool will be following if you use this strategy. 

? Twitter is great for Events...if you can work that into your sometimes works really well!