What to Expect

? Your account will start to follow other accounts. Slowly, these accounts will start to follow you back, this will get faster as you follow more and more people. This is the growth phase. 

? After a period of time, perhaps around a week, your account will begin to unfollow accounts, in this unfollowing period, you will still get new followers, but growth will slow. This is the unfollow phase. 

? We reenter the growth phase and the cycle repeats.

In the growth phase, your newsfeed will be busy with the additional posts of all the people you've followed. At the end of the unfollow phase, your newsfeed will be quiet. We recommend having a non-following extra account specifically for getting information.

The other slightly frustrating effect is that ones direct message box fills up with automated "thank-you for following", messages. We may add a filter feature at a later date for this, but for now, remember these are potential leads, who have followed you back, and there may be some interesting leads there.  

The Snowball Effect

People decide to follow you back based on 

? Your profile

? Your Follower/Follower ratio

? Your profile and cover pictures

? Your first few tweets.

We optimise your follow/follower ratio to make sure you get the best chance of follow back. An account following a number in the hundreds with multiple thousand followers will have a good chance of getting a follow back. Someone following several thousand has a much lower chance of followback, even if they have a lot of followers.

More simply, the more followers you have, the faster you grow -- a little like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountainside...the bigger it gets the more it grows. Other effects come into play -- when you have a bigger account, the algorithms of Twitter start recommending you more often. The strong get stronger!

New follows

People will sometimes message you first, so it's worth checking the inbox, and filtering through the auto-thank you's. Some clients look at their new followers and direct message them. If you really want to get into a conversation, we  prefer a flow of like, like, @message, @message, DM. 

Also, it's worth noting that some clients have had success with using their new follower list as a retargeting audience with Twitter ads.