Your Twitter Profile is Your Landing Page

Incredible precision and testing is devoted to first page of a website (the landing page). Most companies will statistically test different layouts, different coloured buttons, different text in order to discover the best way to convert visitors into customers. 

Your Twitter profile is just like a landing page, with the objective of getting people to follow you. A person will determine whether to follow your account or not based on Bio, pictures, tweets and your follow/follower ratio.

ZenLikeFocus has a clever algorithm which optimises your follow/follower ratio to give you the most chance of getting followers. Here are some tips of getting the other options right:

? Bio: Should be written for the audience you are using ZenLikeFocus to follow. We observe an improvement if you use the exact words of the targeting criteria you are using. Eg. if you are targeting United Kingdom CEO's you should say something like "A new information source for British  CEO's" or even actually be a CEO account which says "Founder and CEO of [company name] a new London company" 

? Cover image and profile pic. This is up to you...just make sure to upload a high quality version -- and test the resolution for desktop! We notice a lot of accounts get this wrong!

? Tweets. Your tweets are constantly changing, but make sure to use a pinned tweet at the top of your page, to guarantee that any new visitors see your highest quality article/link.