Setting The Best Strategies

? The best strategies are when your bio, pictures and pinned tweets are all aligned with exactly who zenlikefocus is following. It is worth remembering that before you change your strategy, it might also be worth testing a different bio, cover pic and pinned tweet, to see if that gets growth. 

? There is huge difference in quite similar terms. Using  the industry, locality and country strategies  is a good way to ...

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How many followers can I expect to grow with per day?

It varies between 2 and 20 or even more.  ZenLikeFocus exposes you to an average of 100 people per day, although this varies according to the spike follow algorithm.

What do you do with our tweets/content?

Nothing! ZenLikefocus does not touch any content. We find people who we think will like your account, and follow them. Sometimes, they ...

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The Benefits of the Pinned Tweet

A person lands on your twitter profile. Based on your profile, and your first few tweets, a person will decide whether to follow or not. Having a pinned tweet at the top of the page gives audience consistency. Everyone that lands on the profile will use the same tweet in their decision about whether or not to follow. This generates a much more focused twitter following.

Suppose you have 40 ...

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