How many followers can I expect to grow with per day?

It varies between 2 and 20 or even more.  ZenLikeFocus exposes you to an average of 100 people per day, although this varies according to the spike follow algorithm.

What do you do with our tweets/content?

Nothing! ZenLikefocus does not touch any content. We find people who we think will like your account, and follow them. Sometimes, they decide to follow you back.

I'm getting only 2 follows a day what can I do?

Check the alignment of your Twitter profile, content and your ZenLikeFocus strategies. Some groups have a very low follow back rate (eg. CTO's) and some have a very high followback rate (teenage girls). If you get a CTO to follow you back, follow up with a message! Some more tips are here.

What is the don't touch my follows button?

ZenLikeFocus strives for optimal growth. To do this, it will sometimes unfollow the accounts you already follow. If you're sure you don't want these touched, at all, select this box. If we've unfollowed a lot of accounts you want to be back in touch with, just hit the default strategy button, and ZenLikeFocus will return your account to it's original state.

Help what has happened to my newsfeed!

When the algorithm follows a lot of new people, your newsfeed will get all their posts in your timeline. ZenLikeFocus is a tool that focuses on growth as fast as possible --- if you want to get an uninterrupted newsfeed, we'd recommend having a separate account just for inbound news. It will return to it's original state in it's own time. Alternatively if you need to reset immediately, hit the default strategy button, and it will begin reverting immediately.

Help I've followed a lot of camgirl pornstars!

This  situation can happen when you've have adopted a "follow a competitors followers" strategy. Competitor accounts can, surprisingly often, have a lot of junk accounts following them. Don't panic, just hit the default return to original strategy button, and everything will revert to normal in a few days. (the dashboard will tell you exactly how long it takes). Next time, follow some higher quality accounts, or filter by profession and occupation... see some tips here.